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Waldemar Thranes gate 17
0171 OSLO


It means...

We asked the artists, what does uncontaminated meant to you?

Coco Capitán
The opposite of CORRUPT.

Michal Pudelka

Charlotte Wales
Not corrupted by contact or association.

Katerina Plotnikova
For me UNCONTAMINATED always means the pure.

Henrik Uldalen
For me it gives associations to the free and pure arts that isn’t bound by
commercial forces and set norms in the fashion and art community.


Why did you say yes to be part of the

Charlotte Wales
I thought the other photographers taking part were interesting and I was excited to present my work in a new way.

Johnny Dufort
I felt honoured to be asked to exhibit in such an event with great artists.

Michal Pudelka
It’s really important for me, that I get to share my work with people, especially as part of an exhibition with such a great concept, and
being alongside other emerging artists.

Katerina Plotnikova
Because I am honored to be part of the event where such talented authors, I remember this place and with such an important goal.

Coco Capitán
The UNCONTAMINATED OSLO FASHION/ART Festival is in line with my manifesto about honesty and purity. It’s always good to
get together to play the “artgame”.

Henrik Uldalen
I was excited to hear about this project and taking part in it, as I love when established cultures challenge the medium,
combining different worlds into something new and exciting