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Waldemar Thranes gate 17
0171 OSLO



is recklessly seeking the most vibrant frequency in art and fashion today.

The festival sheds light on the new dialogues between the established and the emerging – the impact of the digital media arena – and the artists who form the new frontier of fashion art today. Their uncompromising vision and newfound digital freedom lies at the heart of what UNCONTAMINATED is all about.

After the successful launch of UNCONTAMINATED in 2015, we are proud to introduce the 2016 edition; a 3-day Fashion Art Celebration with over 20 exhibitions, talks, pop-up events and concerts in the cultural center of Oslo – Aker Brygge and Tjuvholmen.

is all about being challenged, provoked and pleasantly surprised.

This year’s participating artists range wide and perfectly represent UNCONTAMINATED’s vision of breaking rules, pushing boundaries and generously expanding people’s point of view.

Through a collaboration with the interdisciplinary studio Void and their site specific light installations for the exhibitions, UNCONTAMINATED also seeks to challenge the traditional way of viewing art, aiming to change the perception of the total experience. Taking this further into the digital sphere, UNCONTAMINATED has also joined forces Snøhetta (NO) and Planeta (US) to add a virtual space to the festival exploring new viewpoints of light and unexpected placement of the medium.

We are excited! And deeply grateful to each and everyone who have offered their creativity and expertise to the festival – for everyone to enjoy – and share.

UNCONTAMINATED 2016 is organized and curated by Hilde Pettersen Reljin and Rita Mostrøm Larsen from NOIONE, in a collaboration with Riccardo Ruini, Creative Director and Partner of REM Ruini e Mariotti Agency.

NOIONE is an international creative hub for innovative collaborations with and between artists. We initiate and produce experiences across different fields, often in the confluence of art and fashion. Our vision is to create new arenas for contemporary visual expressions.


Special thank you to our brilliant crew for helping us during this years festival. It would not have been possible without you.

Emil Stedje Heggestad, Thomas Ransof Johannessen, Eini Marie Vatn Øien, Malin Grette Myrvollen, Anette C. Danielsen, Anita Sønsterud, Cassandra Alcock, Catarina Skage Goncalves, Cecilie Skjøld, Charlotte Lyngstad, Eli Pedersen, Elise Pedersen, Enora Olsen, Erle Liliane Wesenlund, Hege Sæta, Ida Camilla Isaksen, Ida Tallerud, Ingrid Røger, Ingunn M. Ofstad, Ingvild Kjenne, Ingvild Sjåstad Evensen, Jennie Steen Nilsen, Julie Minde, Julie S. Grimen, Klaudia Kowalewska, Kristine Horvei, Lillian Getz Juhlin, Lina Marie Campbell, Linn Carol Patterson, Linn Øymo, Madeleine Lohne, Marlene Rojas, Martin Tyri, Mary-Anne C, Miriam Feliza, Nicole G. Kotseva, Nina Kayed, Regine Olsen, Shayma Ariai, Sofie Kulseth, Sofie Kvelland Berntsen, Stine Jøntvedt,
Vilde Aurora Johannessen, Vilde Taule and Werner Kjeverud.

Foto Team
Gönul Eliz Erturk, Joachim Sollerman, Adrian M. Klungsøyr, Per Berge Moe, Sollin Sæle, Ken Roger Olberg, Camilla Alexandra Lie, Natalie Lorentzon, Michelle Lundring Smith, Sharanna Lehm, Alvaro Magdaleno Gomez, Roy-Erik Brynjulfsen, Ingvild Rognli and
Nicole G. Kotseva

Film Team
Doan M. Nguyen, Alexander Sætre, Morten Skalstad, Rikke Albretsen, Nina Cathrine Lunde, August Strand, Kevin Ruud, Torgrim Gangstad, Marius Kaniewski, Trang Doan, Nicolai Willumsen, Christian Øygård, Haakon Sand, Christina Røise and Linda Kolberg.