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Roger Ballens monochrome compositions blur the distinctions between art and documentary. His concentration upon the subconscious and the mechanics in which mental forms of life, such as dreams, imagination and memories, are portrayed upon the stage of the psyche. Uncontaminated is collaborating with Ellen Willas (Curator at Fotografiska in Stockholm and founder of Willas Contemporary) for the Roger Ballen retrospective exhibition at this years festival.


Legendary rock music photographer Mick Rock is often referred to as ‘The Man Who Shot the Seventies’, for his iconic images of Syd Barrett, David Bowie, Lou Reed, Iggy Pop, Queen, the Sex Pistols, The Ramones, Blondie, Rocky Horror Picture Show, etc. London born, he has resided in New York for the past 35 years. He has shot over 100 album covers. - Rockarchive


Eloise Parry flirts with bad taste. Instead of using her chosen medium in a relentless pursuit of beauty, the Middlesbrough-born photographer makes work that isn’t always easy to look at. “I’m not interested in making things that look twee or sugary,” she says. ”Good taste is bad taste.” - Dazed


"Photography is one of the few things in life that allows you to create your own version of reality, which I've always struggled with, it lets you rewrite it into something more that feels more magical." - i-D


"I don't usually take pictures for the sake of it, unless I am experimenting with film and/or light. And I don't shoot everyday because I need to have a story I want to tell." - Dazed


Shooting intimate portraits of his friends, collaborators and lovers as they cross the City of Light in a whirl of hedonistic youth, Pierre Ange-Carlotti is the documentarian of Paris' 21st century youth.
“I began to make a name in underground fashion. Instagram helped me a lot. Today a young photographer doesn't really need a gallery; he can show his work to the world in a very easy way.” - i-D Vice


"When I was around Jehovah's Witnesses I was really introverted, but when I was around friends, because I had to repress everything, I'd just go crazy."Campbell and his family would be knocking on doors trying to spread the word of God. Then, at 17 years old, his family found out he was gay — a sin in the eyes of the church — and rather than living a double life, treading on eggshells, and ultimately denying his true self, he decided to leave home. Now free, Campbell was finally able to live the life he'd always dreamt of. - i-D 


SHOPPINGFROKOST! 13.OKTOBER KL. 08.00 – 10.00 / As part of the festival Uncontaminated and Aker Brygge invites all users of the Aker Brygge app to exclusive festival discounts on many shops and restaurants. There will be served complimentary breakfast from a great variety of restaurants while you shop. To enjoy offers download the app HERE


DESIGNLOPPER / SATRUDAY 14th Oct 11:00-17:00 JENNY HEMSTADS GATE, AKER BRYGGE / DesignLopper offers to sell your quality and brand clothes for you through pop-up clothing fairs / events in different locations in Oslo. The clothing industry is the world's pollutant source No. 2 for oil and we Norwegians throw about 130,000 tonnes of clothing a year. DesignLopper focuses on reuse and enables quality clothing with longer durability at favourable prices. This way the clothes will live longer and we produce less waste. 5% of profits go to charity and Dorcas House in Bukavu, East Congo. 

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