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Leila Hafzi

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Leila Hafzi + Thune Aker Brygge

The brand, LEILA HAFZI, came to in Norway in 1997. On the scene of high-end fashion, a new voice was born and the ethical- and eco-conscious trade found a future leading lady. In a sensual, elegant manner, cultures have been explored and environmental issues highlighted. In this way the designer has contributed and inspired the fashion industry into a global shift.

 Unfading joy of creation has made this multiple award-winning brand into the red carpet frequenter it has become. The trans-cultural collaboration of the LEILA HAFZI-team makes the impossible possible in the hazy and mostly chaotic production site of Kathmandu - where fashion business and developing work goes hand in hand in a way no other high-end brand can display. Leila Hafzi designs is recognized by their romantic, feminine and bohemian look combined with a innovative fusion of themes from different cultures and draw inspiration from Norway, Persia, Greece and Nepal.

Over the years, Leila Hafzi received national awards by several occasions - in 2007 and 2011 she was appointed ”Designer of the Year” by KK and Costume Awards, the Environmental price of the decade by OFW and the “Fashion for a Cause” price of 2011.

The brand is very well positioned in many exclusive boutiques side by side of the most famous brands in the international fashion industry and worn by a vaierity of celebrities world wide.


Back in 1997 few fashion brands talked about globalisation, empowernment of women and ethical and eco conscious production from a developing country. The aim to establish this has been a core mission of the entrepeneur Leila Hafzi since she first started her production in Kathmandu, September 1997.


U: Who are you and what do you do?
LH: Leila Hafzi, Designer and Visionary

U: What characterize you work? How would you describe your personal style?
LH: Exclusive, extreme handcraft, high-end. Practical, classic, artist in black

U: How do your own experiences influence your work?
LH: Always

U: What will you be showing at the uncontaminated festival?
LH: Exclusive bridal and couture gowns

U: What do you want to communicate through your work?
LH: Is there a message - political or otherwise? Quality, art, fashion history and personal storytelling from my life

U: Do artists of today have some kind of of social responsibility?
LH: YES! in every millimeter of our work. 

U: What does uncontaminated mean for you?
LH: Clean / Pure

U: What is the most important thing in your life?
LH: My visions and beliefs

U: How do you feel right now?
LH: Collected

U: If you could change one thing in the world today, what would it be?
LH: Fairness

U: What is the most important drive for you to create and why?
LH: Getting my visions translated into material products is a natural drive

U: Who or what do you value as a great inspiration for you creatively?
LH: The move of humanity and our challenges

U: Can you elaborate on an important moment in your life where you experienced a big change, chose to make one or another event which altered your way of thinking or your approach to creativity ?
LH: When you unexpected and intuitively find yourself solving a completely new technique with great results. Makes me believe in my creative force and adaptation

U: How does digital and social media affect or inspire your life and creations?
LH: Not much, very busy in my own world. But off course everything that comes to eye is a part of my inspiration

U: What do you define art?
LH: A natural and pure creative force transformed from the eye of the mind into material or any other abstract form

U: What is your definition of artistic freedom?  
LH: To follow the artistc force you are born into and dont let anyone or any norm chain you from letting it bloom/grow

U: Is there a difference for you between art and commercial/commissioned work?
LH: Yes most often but not always. One can combine

U: Do you struggle to find artistic freedom in the span between commissioned work and your personal needs to express yourself?
LH: No, adaptation is a great force.

U: What do you aspire to? In the near future? In life in general?
LH: Development and adaptation is my liquor to remain sane within the streets of society

U: What is a great example of a fashion art collaboration in your view?
LH: ((where does one start? )) the moments when a designers cloth, a models movement or look, a photographers capture or a walks movement - intrigues a feeling and tells their story onto the viewer.


Clothing Designer
City of residence, OSLO, NOR

Leila Hafzi

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Aker Brygge
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